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Shipping Info

Shipping is worldwide, though is very expensive if outside of the US. I always do my best to ensure items are packaged securely, and will use the cheapest shipping method possible.

International shipping:

**If you would like to place an order and you are INTERNATIONAL, please EMAIL ME your order at with  your mailing address, and I will generate and invoice for you. Once you receive the invoice, just follow the instructions to pay through Paypal, and once I see that it has been paid, I will ship your items out to you. DO NOT order through the Bigcartel site**

International orders are limited to Small Flat Rate/padded envelopes:

  • Canada & Mexico - $24.95 (padded envelope $23.95)
  •  Everywhere else - $34.95 (padded envelope $33.95)
  • Both small flat rate and padded envelopes only have a 4lb weight limit, which means the most I could possibly fit in an envelope is 3-4 scrubs
  • Tracking is not available for small Flat Rate International

Domestic Shipping (USA):

I use regional Rate shipping, which is cheaper than flat rate. I do not do First Class, as that requires trips to the post office, and in the words of Sweet Brown, "Ain't Nobody got time for dat!"

Here are the shipping costs:

Small flat rate: $7.15 - this is only used if you are ordering a smaller items such as Lip balms, and are in zones 5-8 (zones 1-4 will only receive Regional rate A since it is cheaper than Small flat rate)

Regional rate A: the rate is based on your zone in relation to Happy button Headquarters, and costs anywhere from $6.52- $10.28. We are in Massachusetts, so the closer you are to me, the cheaper the shipping cost. California is the most expensive state to ship to. The Bulk of the orders will ship this way, unless you have a large order (like more than 5 scrubs), in which case your order will have to ship Medium flat rate at $13.60 anywhere in the USA

The specific rates for Regional Rate A and B boxes for zones 1-8 can be found on the USPS website.

Price break down:

$0.01 - $6.00 - Small Flat Rate /Regional Rate A (Zones 1-4 only)
$6.01 - $55.00 - Regional Rate A
$55.01 - and up - Medium Flat Fate

If you place a very large order, I may need to upgrade to a large flat rate box - If that is the case, I may contact you for the shipping overage costs, and the items will not ship until that is received.

Large Flat Rate with delivery confirmation:
USA: $18.85

It may take up to 2 business days to ship your order due to volume. We pride ourselves on keeping a very short TAT (Turn Around Time). We know how difficult it can be to wait for goodies!

We always put a lot of special care in the packing our items for shipping. If you have any questions or concerns about this, just contact me!